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22 Tanggapan to “Lounge”

  1. slephinne Says:

    Yan, you’re photo’s .. so cute :3
    Reply: Thank you very much, Cher. You’re also so suit with your glasses.

  2. slephinne Says:

    Happy New Year, btw 🙂
    Reply: Happy new year too =)

  3. Hyou Says:

    mee yah? =))
    Reply: Yup. English please =))

  4. slephinne Says:

    *laughing at Hyou’s comment, on ‘What is Addict’ *
    Reply: Dangdut is the music of our country.

  5. Ravelt Says:

    Huahuahuahua xD

    Hello there!
    Reply: Hello too! LOL. Where did you get my blog URL?

  6. Ravelt Says:

    Uh, dunno :p
    I was just fooling around. Lol
    Reply: And you know who am I? XD

  7. Ravelt Says:

    I think yes.
    *looking at Hyou’s comment :p *
    Reply: OMG! Hyoooou!

  8. Zazi Says:

    She’s 159 cm tall –> lol you’re taller than me.. eh wait, i am 159’5 cm 😆 i beat you 0,5 cm. but i think you’re growing taller each day -___-

    anyway.. why do we have to use english in here ? x__x i got a bad grammar.. duh
    Reply: I’m a bit confused with my tall x_x
    I got a bad grammar too, but just wanna go international (?)! =D

  9. Meriru Cullen Says:

    Hey, in the sitemap page, written post ‘Birth Day’, but the post is not in this blog..
    Reply: Sorry, that post already deleted XD

  10. mirainne Says:

    thx 4 the nihongo lesson :D:D
    Reply: Does it works?

  11. mirainne Says:

    hem~ sort of ^^ I want to request word . But, still thinking , btw. suggestion. how if, you make it stick together, if they’re 1 word.
    go me n na sa i –> gomennasai (??) :3
    Reply: I just write it by hiragana’s ascend.

  12. Zazi Says:

    ga pake english lagi tho
    Reply: Puasa 365 hari 365 malam. Udah eneg sama bahasa sihalan itu.

  13. mirainne Says:

    wahha 🙂 siip dah 😀
    Reply: :3

  14. ve Says:

    lah semua postnya di delete ya?
    Reply: Eh, hmm… Post-post tertentu aja.

  15. MeRiRu Says:

    Kaga ada halaman about-nya ya?
    Reply: Ngilang xP

  16. slephinne Says:

    Ho ..
    Reply: Lmao. OTL aja deh. Duh koko hunnie mengganggu nih, mau downloaaad kayak kamu biar bisa jalan! T___T

  17. Pepacpepac Says:

    Hai… atas permitnaan anda saya datang ke website anda. wkwk
    Reply: Emang aku minta? *ga nyadar*

  18. MeRiRu Says:

    Postnya diapus mulu…
    Reply: Yang diapus lagi yang mana?

  19. NobodyKnowsMe。 Says:

    Hai, ni aku Rei
    Reply: Bikin baru tho?

  20. MeRiRu Says:

    Loh,, bknnya banyak yg di apus lg y…?
    Reply: Yang mana aja?

  21. MeRiRu Says:

    Itu lagu” yg di hlman songs lagu Audit smua or bkn?
    Reply: Yep, berdasarkan tanggalan patchnya =))

  22. mirainne Says:

    btw mee 🙂 nanya~
    gmna cara donlod lagu di SONGS mu ?
    keren” ..

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